DemoSat 2006

These are pictures from Metro State's 2006 DemoSat project.
The whole team after our launch readiness review.
An early prototype of the payload.
Our video camera, one of the first parts we bought.
The Futurlec control board.
An accelerometer and gyro on the breadboard.
Jason Helms in characteristic style.
Many development hours looked like this.
David hacking away.
Devlin designing.
Building a circuit.
Matt's happy to help with the sucker.
Jason looking content.
Most of the electronics removed.
Testing the solar deployment.
Matt in characteristic style.
The placement of one of the MMC boards in the lid.
The team at work.
Our whip test.
Our package on launch day.
CSU's rover.
A test RocketSat payload.
Fort Lewis's beleaguered cosmic-type sat.
Mines's Video/PhotoSat.
UNC's impressive rover.
CU's rover.
LAPSat. Very professional looking.
Ready for launch.
The proud launcher.
Balloon 2 is barely visible at 95,000 feet.
The payload string after recovery.
The interior. Notice the disconnected battery.
One solar panel had broken off.
The happy and successful team.
Jason and Matt presenting.
This is the room whence they send commands to the rovers.
JPL's rover sandlot.
A side view of the rover.
Matt said the wheels are filled with cork.
UNC's rover with its big brother.
Matt holds the mighty wheel.
Some tour items.
Deer outside.
The machine shop.
A really big CNC machine.
A big lathe.