DemoSat 2007

These are pictures from Metro State's 2007 DemoSat V project.
The microcontroller and circuit board during development.
Whip test.
More testing.
A successful deployment.
Here we are making last-minute changes on the way to the launch readiness review.
Final preparation on launch day.
Tape that shit down.
That's Evan holding our package.
Some dog.
Cool! An ambigram.
Laura drove me around.
That's it coming down.
It was great, it landed in a field right next to the road.
The valve is closed, and yet it's deployed. Strange.
The camera was turned off and not taking pictures.
Pistons seemed in good shape.
Nothing flying around loose.
CSU's rover deployed and was driving around.
Then it got hung up on its box.
UNC's rover almost deployed.
None of the hinges were broken.
It turns out there was no pressure in the pistons. The air cylinder had been completely drained.
Checking on the electronics.
It was running and the light was blinking.
No obvious loose connections.
Memory card still inserted.
No pictures on the camera other than the one we took before the launch.
Everything intact.
GPS still connected.
But the batteries were way drained.
We checked for leaks in the cylinder; there were none.
Data recovery.