Def Con 2009

I went to Def Con 17 in Las Vegas July 30–August 2, 2009. I met up with lots of Nmap developers: Ron Bowes, Adrian Crenshaw, Brandon Enright, Fyodor, Kris Katterjohn, and Josh Marlow.
The Grand Canyon, maybe.
Josh Marlow and me.
The infinite hallway of the Rodeway Inn.
Crowded hallway.
An awesome working PDP-11.
Look at the wire-wrap board in the lower left.
Capture the Flag competitors.
The marmalade sky at the Bellagio. They have plasticine porters too.
These jets of water are incredibly well calibrated so that they crash into each other.
Dan Kaminksy.
The badge.
The hotel room had the latest issue of Las Vegas Whore magazine.
Oh, it's Las Vegas Where.
This robot embroiders hats and T-shirts.
Self-portrait in the mirrored ceiling.
Preparing to fly the quadrotor.
The Hardware Hacking Village.
Lockpicking Village.
Breakfast for dinner at Denny's.
Fountain show at the Bellagio.
Cop harassing the driver of a cab with a perfect square ID number.
Brandon Enright, me, and Ron Bowes.
Peter Gutmann on the psychology of security unusability.