Conundrum Creek backpacker 2006

I went backpacking with Laura and Collin Dunn to the Conundrum Creek hot springs on June 27–29, 2006. We also tried but failed to climb Castle Peak.
Collin on Independence Pass.
Independence Pass is kind of scary.
Mmm... lunch time.
Collin ponders the scenery.
There were lots of little waterfalls.
Neat clouds.
This reminded Laura of Ireland.
Our clothesline.
DemoSat's maiden voyage.
Starting up the mountain.
Steep, loose rock. It was very hard to climb.
Halfway up Castle.
But there's still a long way to go.
Laura and Collin start heading up their own route.
I took this picture while I was waiting for them to reappear.
The route turned out to be long and tiring, so we turned back. Here's what happened to Collin when he slipped on loose rocks.
Collin keeps high spirits despite his shredded thumb.
It started snowing on us.
Look at mighty Collin.
This bird and its chicks were waiting for us at the bottom.
The camping dinner my mom got in England.
Collin in a meditative mood.
David makes a crappy James Dean.
Crossing the icy stream.
What a good-looking valley!
Collin's too chicken to take a dip.
That was so cold!