Collegiate Peaks Wilderness backpacker 2002

To celebrate my 20th birthday, I climbed three fourteeners in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness.
Me in the dark before I started hiking.
My fair camp (first night).
Beaver tracks!
The mountains to the north.
Mt. Belford, 14,197 ft. (first in a series).
Mt. Oxford, 14,153 ft. (second in a series).
Just a bird back at the parking lot.
Vicksburg cemetery.
One of four coyotes that ran across the trail.
Vegetable eggs.
Mt Belford, Elkhead Pass and Missouri Mountain.
Delhi chicken with rice.
My fair camp (third night).
Missouri Mountain, 14,067 ft. (third in a series).
A view of Mt. Harvard from Missouri Mountain.
My fair camp (fourth night).
A lake in Missouri Basin.
Purifying water from the lake.
Cooling my heels at Bedrock Falls.
Missouri Basin.
Fettuccine Alfredo.
My fair camp (fifth night).
Back at the car after my adventure.