Chicago 2006

I went to Chicago to help Laura move in August 3–13, 2006.
Jim Venner working hard.
More apartment pictures.
The Silo, where we ate dinner.
Laura's decorated walls.
DNA column at Rosalind Franklin.
Googly eyes in the sign.
The address of the school has Laura's lucky number.
Some Navy place.
Henry the frog, whom we found on a walk one evening.
Henry Jr.
Cool old bench by Lake Michigan.
Lake Michigan.
A doggy that looked like Pepper (it's a Portuguese water dog).
Swanky houses in Lake Bluff.
An ivyfied tailor shop.
Laura's cozy apartment.
Train tracks near the apartments.
The Church of the Holy Turnip.
The Church of the Holy Onions.
Sears Tower from the train.
Unloading from the train.
The opera building.
The first bridge we saw in Chicago.
Laura at the base of the Sears Tower.
David at the same.
The elevator to the top. Whoosh!
Some of the sights from the top.
The Y junction of the Chicago River.
The John Hancock building.
L. Frank Baum lived in Chicago.
The elevator down.
The elevated train.
A bank building.
Chicago Board of Trade with statues.
The library. It was so cool! Note the owl gargoyles.
The Art Institute.
The Faces of Death exhibit at Millennium Park.
The moving video installations spout water.
It's kind of eerie.
Lots of fun for the kiddies!
The best part of the park! The Giant Gleaming Globule, also known as Cloud Gate.
It's a huge globby polished mirror statue.
The reflections are entrancing.
The inside has weird convexities and concavities.
You can see yourself reflected in many places at once.
This is what happens when your camera flashes.
The orchestra rehearsing.
A 3 address.
David gets his Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.
The Exchequer restaurant where we ate our pizza.
Some steps to the El.
Walking along Wacker Drive.
A building with a hole in it!
The Wrigley Building.
The Merchandise Mart.
333 West Wacker Drive, another 3 address.
Another 3 address.
The famous water tower.
The John Hancock building.