Christmas 2012/29C3/New Year’s 2013

I went to Denver to have Christmas, then to Hamburg for 29C3, then to Warsaw for New Year’s.
Kwiatkowski wheatpaste.
Inside the Clyfford Still museum.
From the Cheesman Park pavilion.
Mailboxes in love, incognito.
Tremendous yarnbombing on Broadway.
Now in Hamburg. First geek picture.
The first of many yarnbombings at the CCC.
Second geek picture.
Visit to Bienieks.
More yarn.
Bubble tea has hit Europe.
Live ASCII streaming of the talks over telnet.
More yarn.
Third geek picture.
Outside Hamburg Hauptbahnhof.
More yarn.
In the giant hall for the closing ceremony.
Broken ticket machine. Notice a gig of RAM.
Inside Berlin Hauptbahnhof.
Palace of Culture and Science.
In Constitution Plaza awaiting the new year.
Polish Scrabble!
More yarn.
Belweder, where the President lives.
Łazienki Park.
Vistula river at night.
This is a “Goliath” remote-controlled mine at the Warsaw Uprising museum.
Exploring tunnels.
Rock and roll.
Happy little key.