Capitol Hill

Pictures from around the neighborhood where I lived for a while.
Concrete pig. I used to know where there was another one of these.
Cheesman Park.
Cherry Creek farmer's market.
Mural of James Dean on the video store.
Mural in the alley of 303 boards.
These are the most aggressively Helvetica house numbers I've ever seen.
My apartment building.
Penn Garage mural in the alley.
Vance Kirkland mural.
Mural on Bender's Tavern.
In the parking lot of Le Central.
Peaches somewhere on 6th Avenue.
Gargoyle across the street.
Gypsy House mural at 13th and Marion.
Humboldt Street historic district.
I like this shadow.
Fall colors.
Golden sunrise.
Disgusting sentient fungus that would clog my sink from time to time.
I imagine that it fed off my sin that was washed down the drain when I spat out my toothpaste.
Snowman on top of the hotel.
Cops loading someone into a mysterious paddy wagon in Civic Center Park.
10110101012 = 72510, but what does it mean?
Tiger graffiti.
Really? This old thing?
Nice handpainted sign.
Bunny rabbit!
More handpainting.
Much later, visiting Denver in summer 2011.
Live street art.
The famous mailboxes, on their second or later painting.