Boston Marathon 2008

Starting from April 14 I traveled with Jim and Marlys and Laura to Boston. On the way we stopped at Niagara Falls and Springfield, Massachusetts. We met Cathy and John in Boston. Laura and John ran the marathon on April 21.
Herbert Hoover's house.
The Hoover household.
Toll booth.
Welcome to Ohio.
Welcome to New York.
Mother-daughter psychic coordination.
Springfield, Massachusetts.
The Dr. Seuss memorial garden.
Sam I Am.
Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Jim and Marlys and the places they'll go.
The Cat in the Hat.
Me and my amigo the Grinch.
Musician Taj Mahal.
My weight on every planet.
Gummy Joe.
Glowing Moon rocks.
Taj Mahal again.
Taj Mahal.
Shackleton's dog.
A painting Laura liked.
A doggy.
Laura said she liked this picture. I was thrilled.
At the Mayflower II in Plymouth.
Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Cafe Maria where we had lunch.
The Dolphin VIII, our worthy vessel.
The first whale we saw, a finback.
Jumping dolphins.
A couple of whales.
Diving birds.
Diving whale.
Hiding from the spray.
Cathy on the lookout.
Look! Whales!
Humpback snout.
The race expo was a madhouse.
Welcome to Boston.
Laura playing with pet rabbits.
The church tower where lanterns signaled the British invasion.
Ready to run.
Lance Armstrong at mile 16.
Running in a tutu.
It's Laura!
John with his medal.
Laura finds a dog to play with.