Big Horn 2003

This year I was on week four. The theme of the week was golf (FORE!). The most notable event of the week was the engagement of my friend Steven Lane to his girlfriend Carissa Shea.
Practicing the opening flag ceremony.
Washing week three's dishes, the slobs.
Setting up the frisbee golf course.
It rained even during check-in.
A mini-bear.
James Duree comes to warn us about the hailstorm.
Swimming in the runoff.
This view by itself is worth the trip to Tahosa.
Our service project was to prepare firewood.
Staff's awesome trebuchet.
Flinging oranges.
Josh Sweeney with sports.
The adults try to stay dry during the ballista shootout.
Steve and Carissa.
Reading a book at Big Horn? What a dork.
The happy engagement is made public.
Wedding entertainment tryouts.
Running the gauntlet.
The best band on camp, Trebuchet 156.
Shorty McGee gets messy.
Orange Patrol, with my Troop Guide Maxwell Heinritz.