Big Horn 2002

I served on staff for both weeks three and four this year.
The American flag drying in the barn.
A slurry bomber.
Senior Patrol Leader David Pennington prepares for the ballista shootout.
Staff's awesome ballista.
My patrol for Week 3 with Troop Guide Kevin Dickinson.
Green patrol.
Mikey climbs a tree.
Week 3 Eagle Scouts.
Flag ceremony.
The traditional sleepover.
There were a bunch of bees in this empty water tower, one of which stung me.
Chugging water.
David Pennington takes a picture.
My brother Jimmy plays the part of Senior Patrol Leader on Week 4.
A participant named G.W., who bears an uncanny resemblance to Andy Horn.
The great clean-up.
The view of Mount Audubon from beautiful Camp Tahosa.
The youth staff of Week 4.
My patrol for Week 4 with Troop Guide Jeremy Monahan.
Purple patrol.