Beaver Brook Trail snowshoer 2003

Andy Horn, Steven Lane and I have a reunion backpacker after a blizzard.
Andy works the bugs out of the new snowshoes.
Steve walks the tightrope (actually a buried cable fence).
Climbing over a fallen tree.
Starting to make camp.
The beginnings of a quinzee.
Purifying water.
Constructing the sledding hill.
Steve starting to hollow out our shelter.
Andy on the inside.
Mmm... tacos!
Our quinzee was strong...
...but not strong enough to stop Steve.
An unsuccessful low-angle sledding shot.
Hiking out.
One of many trees broken by heavy snow
Andy is ready to go.
David makes a field repair of his snowshoes.
Rocky Mountain high.
Working on the sledding hill.
Andy is psyched.
David carves away the inside.
Andy makes the beds.
Cozy Andy.
Cozy David.
Eating breakfast.
Looking through the hole in the ceiling.
"Go on, do it!"
Andy sleds.
David sleds.
Pumping some more water.
Steve negotiates a steep part.
Constructing the quinzee.
Andy participates in the picture triangle.
The shovels stand guard.
Body slam!
Our quinzee was more than thick enough.
Steve pulls David to make the sledding hill.
Andy sleds.
More sledding.
David takes a spill.
The road out.
Steve also made two movies using his digital camera: one of me breaking through the roof of the quinzee and one of me crashing the sled.