Aurora cleanout 2016

Helping clean out the family farm.
Giant roll-off trash container.
"David 7 yrs old." I think I copied this slogan off a T-shirt in the Johnson Smith catalog.
Pouch of my trebuchet.
I have two early memories of model rockets. One is not knowing the word "decal" and having difficulty to prevent the decals from folding on themselves. The other is using a car battery as the ignition rather than a proper one.
The hands are weighted with pennies so it stays upright.
I remember this reading program. They had a great big paper-mache egg in front of the library from which the Aurorasaurus hatched.
The egg carton creature I made in an after school program.
This was in a school art show in 4th grade.
A Mr. Voodoo, the product I sold in a business simulation day in school.
This is a picture of a drawing program on one of our early computers. As I recall there was no way to save drawings so we took a photo of the screen.
Homemade pog, probably cut from Nintendo Power.
Dinosaurs Attack! trading cards.
My mom's baby book.
A lock of hair.
This book was from a church sale.
I remember coloring in the squares on the quilt with a sky blue marker.
Trash container about half full.
This stuffed raccoon was mine and was called Rocky Snap.
My friend Joe gave me this eagle. It came in a can.
Baby Voodoo, the more affordable alternative to Mr. Voodoo.
Jimmy's volleyball finals.
Pokémon congress.
It's America's favorite quiz show, Yak or Acropolis!
Date on packing newspaper, August 28, 1986.
Duck sculpture made by me.
I made this sculpture in elementary school. I remember the eyes recalled those of the art teacher.
Made in 1994 apparently.
Clock stopped at this position for years.
Lite-Brite pattern.
Beat SMB3 1991-02-05, SMB2(?) 1993-06-23.
SMB1 2009-12-25.
Box that my Xbox came in.
Boring Gum Nutrition Facts.
Old VHSes.
Game console collection.
Game cartridge collection.
Bath toys from when I was very young.
Crossword puzzle in the Podunk Proclaimer.
Answer key for the Jack Nicklaus startup screen.
20977664 bytes total disk space.
Invoice for our first computer. 10 MHz, 640K, 40 MB HD, 1.2M and 360K floppy drives, DOS 3.3 and GW Basic.
A void in our hearts shaped like a pile of bricks.
Saving microcassettes to computer.
My automated floppy-scanning setup.
One of the first books I remember buying in the school book order.
Homemade fabric paint shirt. I copied ths slogan from a catalog.
Mom's P.E. seal.
This slogan came from a catalog too.
Baby clothes.
Alternate names for me?
Back row: personally recorded disks. Front row: commercial disks. Left column: no read errors. Middle column: some read errors. Right column: not readable at all.
An early book I have a memory of.
This is where the balancing clown is from.
Date on newspaper: June 29, 1983.
First Game Boy, with stickers that probably came from Nintendo Power.
"Once there were four happy daffodils. They were happy because they lived near a manchine"
"on a hill. In that manchine lived a king. One day the king's scientist whipped up a super-groth formula. He was going to put it on the daffodils. Bu he acidently put it on the tomatoe. Its the attack of the killer tomatos!"
"Cried the king. I have an idea! Said the scientist. Pouring the formula on the king's head. Eat the tomatoe. The scientist said. So the king did. Hooray! He said. The End."
I remember this plastic mustang was at St. Pius X school.
Box of David's papers.
"Once there was a little old laidie who baked two gingerbread people. A boy and a girl. And when they were done bakeing,"
"they popped out of the oven and they danced in a parade. The little old ladie wached them. And they lived happily ever after."
We saw deer. They were brown and they were neat!
Kindergarten class list.
Imprimatur on religious education textbook.
"Kevin Ryan Patrick John O'Riely was a leprechaun. Who never put is jacket on while looking for his gold."
One day he crossed a rainbow high across a very stormy sky. And cauht an awful cold. His mother sent him straight to be "you've got a fever in your head" While he lay soft in bed, his friends all found gold at the"
"rainbows end. He did'nt like to have a cold. He'd rather seach for pots of gold. So Kevin did as he was told and dressed the proper way."
Digging out the apricot tree roots.
"6. David Fifield, Magic Act"
Letter from Santa that I don't remember.
"Grass and Sunshine."
"Big Snake."
Like many, I vaguely recalled some part of The Peanut Butter Solution, but everyone I described it to surmised that it must have been some fever dream I had when I was young. I didn't find out it was a real movie until I was an adult. But here's a childhood drawing of the Disney Channel that says "The Peanut Butter Situation"? Maybe I knew the movie once but then forgot it?
Birthday cards.
Pinewood derby cars of me and my brothers.
Airport photos.
Disks packed to scan at home.
Bonus antlion.