Denver Art Museum opening 2006

For my 24th birthday Mark Coleman and I attended the grand opening of the Hamilton Wing of the Denver Art Museum. We had to wait outside in the cold for like three hours before they would let us in.
The cowboy and Indian fight on the roof.
Me waiting to get into the Hamilton Wing.
Mark gets swept up.
Finally, we pass through the entrance into a wall of hip-hop.
Neat angles.
It's Lakitu!
I thought this one was pretty lame.
These little counters are all over the walls.
Those blue speck are the counters.
Cool! Apparently these were at the old museum, but I never saw them.
I was excited to see this installation, because I had seen it on an episode of Globe Trekker.
The guard told me I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures of these guys.
This one is cool. Lots of little texts laid out on a giant canvas.