Alpine Adventure 2008

I and six others from Troop 171 attended the Tahosa Alpine Adventure June 22–28, 2008. With the help of Tahosa guide Patrick Moody we hiked from Tahosa along the Buchanan Pass trail to Red Deer Lake, then bushwhacked up to near Buchanan Pass, descended to Coney Flats campground, and hiked out to Beaver Reservoir.
All my gear. The pile on the right is the things I left behind.
The Wolverines' breakfast and the cooks.
Gearing up.
Buchanan Pass trail.
Our guide Patrick meditates.
Bouldering at our first camp site.
Snow up at Red Deer Lake.
Tanner skiing.
More skiing.
Hiking out of the snow.
Hungry men in line for food.
Coney Henge.
Little Scouts with big packs.