A screenshot of DOOM 83

In high school, I used to program the graphing calculators we used in math class. I started but never finished a Doom-like first-person shooter for the TI-83 graphing calculator, written in Z80 assembly language. Nostalgia compels me to publish it here.

DOOM 83 used to have a web site at I have made an archive of that site.

The source refers to two files available from Texas Instruments, and

Download doom.z80.

Though I haven't looked at the code thoroughly, it seems that doom.z80, which is the latest file I could find, may not be very functional because I was in the middle of testing something. You can download the last backup I made on November 11, 1999. I don't know if either of these files will assemble.

The texture data for the walls was created by the program bmp2bin.c. It turns a 32 × 32 monochrome bitmap like this into data assembler directives (see the tex_wall1 label in the code). What's interesting is that while I did DOOM 83 development on Windows, bmp2bin was written for Unix. An old executable from 1999 still ran in 2009 on GNU/Linux.

I referred heavily to this Ray-Casting Tutorial by F. Permadi.